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Our motto is: "We help you reach your full potential!"

 Since 1994 we have helped individuals, couples, and families in the SF Bay Area seeking therapy and/or educational support.

We hope you will enjoy your visit with us today and will come to see us at our Danville Center.

Cliff Crain, MFT, and Liz Hannigan, MA, CHT Co-directors

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Cliff and Liz, EMDR, and relationship counselors serving Walnut Creek, Danville, Dublin and the Tri-Valley Area.

Liz & Cliff were chosen by the
California Counsel for Adult Education
to be the recipients of the 2009 award for



Click  CO-PARENTING CLASSES to learn what we are currently offering
Click  "Help for Relationships"  for information about relationship counseling.
Click  "Help for PARENTS" for general help with discipline and creating a loving-family atmosphere in your home.
Click  "EMDR: Is it for you?" for information about how EMDR THERAPY might help you. We also offer EFT therapy.
Click "Help for STEP-FAMILIES" to find information about our STEP-MOM GROUP and creating a peaceful blended family.
Click  "Classes & Workshopsto find out about our Effective Parent Saturday Series.
Click  "Help for PARENTS" to sign up for the BEST PARENTING PRACTICES newsletter (a free service for parents).
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Counseling Center in Danville California

...and the day came
when it was less painful

to open up to the world,
than remain tightly

closed against it.

- Anais
and much more!!



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Ring the bell that still can ring.
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything:
that's how the light gets in.
- from Anthem by Leonard Cohen 


                The Center for Creative Living has been offering counseling for Danville, Alamo, Walnut Creek and the entire San Francisco Bay Area since 1994. We offer many services, including the following: individual therapy, couples counseling, marriage counseling, pre-marriage counseling, parenting support, divorce counseling, co-parent counseling, classes and support groups. We use a variety of theraputic techniques to help our clients, including EMDR, Cognitive Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and EFT. If you, or someone you love, is dealing with grief, anxietyco-dependency , anger, addiction issues, or phobias; you are very likely to find the support you need at the Danville Center.
WHAT WE DO BEST:           
    Click on SPECIALIZATIONS  to find out about EMDR , EFT and other theraputic techniques offered. You can also read about  the specific areas targeted at the Danville Center.  Better yet, call us, at 925-855-1745, so we can set up an appointment to explore together your situation.  We are here to help.  Let us work together to find a way to help you reach your goals.
     The Center offers full-service counseling and therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Cliff Crain is licensed by the state of California as a Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor (# MFC30798). Liz Hannigan, CHT, has a Master's Degree in Integrative Psychology. Some of the targeted areas at the Danville Center include the following:        
    Clients who are struggling with depression often find needed relief after meeting with a therapist at our Danville Center. If you are dealing with grief,  anger issues, anxiety, codependency issues, shyness, addiction issues, self esteem, or loneliness, you are likely to find doing personal therapy at the Center will help you clarify your situation. Even in a few short sessions, you are likely to feel more hopeful, and empowered in your daily life. If you are in the process of divorce, you will find that our years of experience helping people deal with painful divorce issues will be helpful to you and your family.  Give us a call at 925-855-1745 and let us know how we can help you meet your goals. You may find that the best way to deal with your particular concern is to become part of a supportive group. Life is short. Give us a call at the Danville Center. You deserve to thrive!
     We are Level Two EMDR therapy practitioners. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) is a very powerful psychological tool designed help you break old unhelpful habits of thought and behavior. By using EMDR, some people are able to successfully resolve core issues in a few short sessions.
Click on the keywords EMDR: Is it for you?  to learn more.
     We use brief therapy techniques and the collaborative model of couples communication to help clients who are seeking relationship counseling, marriage counseling, or pre-marriage counseling. We problem solve with you, set relationship goals, and assist you in building a stronger and happier marriage. Click on keywords About Therapy  for more information about how we do our work, or just give us a call at the Danville Center.
     Click on Help for RELATIONSHIPS to find out more about how we might be able help you improve your communication skills and build a strong loving relationship. You deserve to be in a satisfying relationship that meets your needs. If you are currently part of a couple that needs to be re-energized, give us a call. We offer couple's communication workshops, pre-marital counseling, and much more. We (Cliff & Liz) have been in a loving relationship for more than twenty years; we have "walked our walk" and know first hand how difficult relationships can become.
     Are you looking for  parenting support? Here at the Danville Center we specialize in helping parents from all types of families, including: traditional families, single parent families, and step families. Our mission is to help parents become more effective in building loving families. We do this by offering parent consultations, parenting classes, co-parenting classes, custody evaluation support, child visitation scheduling support, relationship counseling, family therapy and a variety of supportive groups. Click on CLASSES & WORKSHOPS  for info.
     We also offer a free service for parents, the BEST PARENTING PRACTICES newsletter. Send an email to to sign-up for this service. Or, you can click on keywords Help for PARENTS  for more information about this free service.
    Help for STEP-FAMILIES is the section you want to explore if you are in a step family, or considering becoming part of a step family. We offer a monthly Step Family Support Group, as well as a Step Mom Support Group, Step Family counseling, a free parenting newsletter and more.
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Counseling Center in Danville, California

Symbol of Beauty,
   Purity & Eternity      
In Hinduism, it is
believed that within
each of us
is the spirit of this 
sacred flower.
Though its roots are 
in the mud,
the lotus rises above
the surface of the water 
and blossoms.
With our own feet
grounded in our
life experience,
we can face the sun and
experience liberation
from our
childhood beliefs
and perceptions






Think of the Center for Creative Living as part of your support circle. Working together, we want to help you meet your goals, including:

Individual therapy - together we can explore the issues you are facing and help you create a success plan! Clients often remark about how helpful they find it to have someone they can trust to discuss life-issues they are facing.
Relationship counseling - together we will find new ways to help you and your partner. You will find the Center to be a peaceful environment to explore reaching the goals you have as a couple.

Family counseling - together we can look at new ways to help your family create more loving relationships with all the family members. Clients find that they are able to let go of some of the normal tension they feel, and discuss finding real solutions to family issues.    
Spiritual growth - together we can explore life as it is unfolding for you. You may find life becoming easier and, at the same time,  more meaningful.  

"Don't ask yourself
what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes
you come alive
and then go do that. 
Because what the world needs
is people who have come alive."  
                 ~ Howard Thurman    

    Center  for  Creative  Living    
               has been helping
                    individuals and families
                         reach their goals in ... 
Concord, Dublin,
Danville, Lafayette,
Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill,
  San Ramon, Walnut Creek,
Contra Costa County, and the Tri-Valley.
 The Center has helped people
 throughout the S F Bay Area since 1994